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andy warhole camblle soup can
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andy warhole camblle soup cans

you recorded painting is actually really large somebody painting entirely please call Gollnow as a government around his neck and 62 and it's not only that it's leaving this feels extensive because most of the campus with this semimetallic bronzes go paint now I'm texting Mandy interregnums attentive just getting really really isolated within the plane of the gold house after school this is it was from recording the last photo session that she got mad and she's improved and it's actually tell preprinting something to it all  read this through voice is just awful as and really the most climbers the Gerrish Branifield lips right of the black is just want to pursue something so this is very hot. This is almost immemorial is the religious overtones this is an icon to the goal is something like going to go to byzantine painting and she's replace the Virgin Mary she is in our consumer culture in our culture of glamour Hall of Fame which was a carbon-14 she is now called you sweetheart so much as what     that's not something to start making prints which are in multiple retirement people to make this work he does this in the studio with you. This is content and it was still looking for the craft paid or send me an issue still life to Plansky history painting what what was left all of them is an ancient traditions it's heading into popular culture paint painting
Virgin Mary icon is incredibly powerful aggressive statement against Western culture it was the last 6162 what was popular visual culture is the stuff of work around you something about Paul if you about identity and Ravius you identity this is sister who she actually does what we hear is from mass

looking at one of the single Candices from a series of campuses of the Campbell Soup cans by Andy were all from 1962 at the Museum of modern Art one of the really important question comes up about especially modern Art is well why is the start will USB that a bunch of things kind of service of my brain and it does evokes something to me so I I I'm inclined to see yes there's a bunch of other things to do all the finances of the museum if I just saw this in the marketing department of Campbell Soup would you reviewing it differently because it's advertising yes but in the context of museum or in the context of endaural studio it's not The idea years by putting it in the museum is a look at this a different way what time does we will just change the morning does transformed and that's really where the central ideas of modern Art pink something it's not necessarily based in technical skill because I mutated this is beautifully rendered right but if we love you to exist think about it in a different way and so I guess he would get credit for taking something that was very almost mundane something you see on everyone everyone's covered and making it a focal point like you should pay attention to this day I think that's exactly right and I think that he's doing it about  as low subject is one could government cheap advertising it was something that was so far away from fine art from the great masters and then to focus on something as lonely as a can of soup and cream chicken molested a regular a lot of it is 50 years earlier people those guys Kwak and if you get another difficult just a repetitive rhyme it was really just at that time were people have the biggest heart that's right in the 60 to know what were those doing is he saying what is it about our culture this really authentic and important and it was about now reduction it's about factory and said let's not be looking at nature is if we were still in agrarian culture were nonindustrial culture what is the stuff of our visual world now I got 80% there I would call her Stozle Kolsted Grobart exhibit and as it pray for student I should put a little podium there and put his lunch tray people little plaque or text me illustrate on Saturday or something was calling you as a Prancot a little's really funny but to some degree is Kossi baby what it was a one that's why it was because it was a close) everyone someone took a lunch tray and given the problem for you to look at it and wrote a whole description about it buy digital entry way that is because the same ideas of these expensive Monday Bengalese everyday I mean what what what would you say that I was little prank wasn't art is a prank but it's also very close to some important wanted to meet earlier in the century you had licensed to do that because of something in Marcellos half or whole hat this is the same complexes to not focus on the making of something not focus on? Focus on the compositional focus on the color but focus on the refocusing ideas and the reason why we talk about more hauler shop
so excited it's only technically profound I was against the market department had Artie done. Because he clears

It's more than they were the people who looked the world and slightly different way and and highlighted that the world is also very consciously working towards Esancy questions that the Pinestream school was asking he's saying is the heart and in fact any closer moment this is one of the last things that he's actually painted he's going to find calligraphy of the scan was rendered the reflection of the 10 the top then he's Stockington I don't want to pay the Florida Lee's you see this little little for lease down the bottom of my papers he actually had a little rubberstamp made of them and exits are placed them down mechanically what is that mean for noise then to say article about her panties I'm just to find a mechanical process to make this easier Warbal is drizzling was work which is reflecting the waiting we manufacture the way that we construct don't world think about the things that we surround ourselves with almost everything was manufacturing was nothing is singular the world anymore it's not the world we would normally find beautiful I was sometimes I Fieldcrest if I'm wrong
decision was made that were always interesting or great and then people interpret your stuff to justify his greatness that Olokee use the printer instead of drawing shows that he was reflecting the ghetto investor or whatever but if you got the other way if you handwrought or hairdryer with his elbow or you know or does our finger baited it or something that all his instrument is normally would using printed by machine and I didn't understand how much do you think that is the case or MySpace is well and there's certain instances minutes
here is what is the artist was it needs changed the language of art and to try to find ways that art relates to our store for moment some relief directing authentic way AMAG for me to say this because arbor overlooking it this what you know what I fifth-grade art class Andy Warhol that it's on now seems almost not that you need but and 62 what your exit Warhol was really noteworthy because he really did push people thinking I think the borehole was looking for 62 a subject matter that was completely outside of the scope that we could consider fun Side of the school that we could consider fiber one of his contemporaries were Lichtenstein was asked what part was and we were looking for something that was so despicable that was so low that nobody could possibly believe that it was really hard to writing now we look at it and so much a part of our visual culture that you don't immediately excepted really interesting to retrieve just how shocking and radical that was this as fast as it is a lot of potential there that stuff it's kind of pseudo art me for other purposes for commercial purposes but if you kind of satellite on it anyway the satellite
it's credited sudor me for other purposes for commercial purposes but if you could assign a light on it and with the satellite so this is it in dollars and you're my went with across the barrier into BR well I think that you mentioned before this was doing this now feel really derivative write anything that's right I think it underscores just how hard it is to find in our culture now ways of making a sea world anyway that person or tomorrow bowl

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