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Famous Works By Famous Indian Artis
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Famous Works By Famous Indian Artists
India has produced several great modern artists and has influenced the world through their sensitivities. Many famous Indian artists such as S.H Raza, F.N Souza, Tyeb Mehta and M.F Hussain have won world wide accolades and have fetched humongous sums of money at international auctions. We bring to you a detailed listing of famous works by Famous Indian Artists - an in depth study of the different works created by famous Indian contemporary artists. If you like any particular artist, you can find detailed information on his/her works in this section.

Christ Series by F N Souza
Nude Paintings by M F Hussain
Kali by Tyeb Mehta
Mahishasura by Tyeb Mehta
Falling Figures by Tyeb Mehta
Violent Distortions in Tyeb Mehtas Paintings
Falling Figures by Tyeb Mehta
Abstracts by Ram Kumar
K G Subramanyan on Abstract Indian Art
Figurative Paintings by K G Subramanyan
Window Series by Anjolie Ela Menon
Akbar Padamsees Metascapes
Bird Mountain and Tree Series by J Swaminathan
Christ Themes by Krishen Khanna
Figurative Paintings by Ram Kumar
Figures by Akbar Padamsee
Figures by Krishen Khanna
Nude Paintings by Amrita Shergill
Portrayal of Heads by Akbar Padamsee
Follies in Fantastical Furniture by Anjolie Ela Menon
Anjolie Ela Menons Figures
Kitsch Art and Anjolie Ela Menon
Ramachandrans Lotus Pond Series
Scenes of Village Life by Amrita Shergill
Shades of Grey by Akbar Padamsee
The South Indian Trilogy by Amrita Shergill
Urvashi Series by Ramachandran
Varanasi by Ram Kumar
Yayati by Ramachandran
Arpana Caurs Time Related Themes
Arpana Caur Celebrating the Life of Guru Nanak
Women Related Themes by Arpana Caur
The Bindu and S H Raza
Cobweb Cloud by Jehangir Sabavala
Jehangir Sabavala the Creator of Tranquil Scenes
Figuratives by Jehangir Sabavala
Bhupen Khakhars Homosexual Themes
Figures by Jogen Chowdhury
Landscapes by Paramjit Singh
Black and White Landscapes by Paramjit Singh
World Goes on Series by Arpana Caur
Wish Dream by Arpita Singh
Cosmic Energy and F N Souza
Here is a brief profile of the famous Indian Artist. To know more read further on in this section…

Amrita Shergill - Amrita Shergill was a renowned modern Indian artist. Her paintings often reflected her love for the country, which she painted in vivid colors. Some of her famous works are Scenes of Village Life, South Indian trilogies and Nude Paintings of herself. You can find detailed information on the same in this section.

MF Hussain - MF Hussain was one of the most popular Indian modern artists in this country. His paintings were mostly bold and many of his paintings drew a lot of controversies. His nude paintings were the most famous and you can read about it here.

Tyeb Mehta - Tyeb Mehta was a renowned artist all over the world. He was one the highest priced artist of the country after his Triptych painting got sold for a whopping price of $300,000 USD. Mahishusara was also sold for a huge price of 1.5 million dollars. His other famous paintings are Falling Figures and Kali. Know more about these paintings in this section.

Anjolie Ela Menon - Anjolie Ela Menon is one of the leading contemporary female artists in the country, who has created a name for herself both in the domestic as well as international art scenario. She was one of the first artists to use Kitsch art in her works. Her Window series and her Figurative paintings are very popular. Read more about her works in this section.

Francis Newton Souza - This Goan artist was one of the most eminent Indian artists of his time. He was known for his blunt style. His most famous works were that of the Christ Series, where he portrayed his outlook on the Christian faith.

SH Raza - Syed Haider Raza is an internationally acclaimed modern Indian artist. He lives in Paris and works from there since the 50s but he maintains very close associations with India even till today. His paintings mostly revolved around the Bindu and you can read an article about it in depth in this section.

Akbar Padamsee - He is one of the pioneers in modern Indian art along with M.F Hussain and S.H Raza. His painting The Reclining Nude was sold for a whopping price of 1,426,500 US dollars. Apart from that his most familiar works from his broad oeuvre are the metascapes and mirror images, the figures and heads, which he keeps alternating in between.

You can read on about other Indian artists as well in this section. Here you can find an in depth analysis of the different works/paintings created by famous Indian contemporary artists of all times.
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