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Emerging Contemporary Painter Artists
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Emerging Contemporary Painter Artists
The emerging artists of India have a competitive edge over their ancestors as they belong to a generation that is widely and easily connected with the outside world. Through technologies like internet, the artists can reach a wider audience without much effort and exhibit their art in a number of ways. What marks the emerging contemporary artists of India is their perfect unison with Western art. The process of Western influences on Indian art started long back when British came to India. However, it gained pace only after globalization and today when India is marching ahead with the world; the emerging contemporary artists of India have fully acquired the sensibilities of Western artists and create Modern Paintings of ethnic nature.

Artworks of G R Iranna
Artworks of Manish Pushkale
Artworks of Seema Ghurayya
Artworks of Binoy Varghese
Artworks of Pramod Ganpatye
Artworks of Satish Chauhan
Artworks of Siraj Saxena
Artworks of Amit Ambalal
Artworks of Justin Ponmany
Artworks of Bari Kumar
Artworks of T V Santhosh
Artworks of Chintan Upadhyay
In India art has enjoyed the status of being a significant part of life in the country. Many art objects have been excavated from historical sites. This proves that Indian art was at very high levels of abstraction and perfection during various time periods. Understanding artists according to their motivation for art is a difficult approach. Several artists of this age employ historical styles in their works. There is no dearth of those artists who are inspired by Indian folk traditions. Emerging contemporaries in India showcase the versatility and variety of creativity and art forms.

It would be wrong to say that the emerging artists of India create art that is completely different from historical art in India. They still capture the Indian sensibilities and lifestyle as their predecessors but in a more open-ended and modern approach. Their job is to balance the singular perception in their paintings with a vision that is universally valid. With globalization and concept of borderless world, the lifestyle of Indians has undergone a huge reform. This has definitely influenced the theme of emerging g Indian painters as they try to perceive the changes that globalization and modernization has brought to India.

With technological development and invention of new methods, modern and emerging Indian artists are also experimenting with new ways of expressing their artistic ideas. The emerging Indian artists are not only restricted to easel paintings but also express their artistic perception with the help of photography or installations.

Emerging contemporaries have commercial advantage as the art market of India is rapidly growing. The commercial valuation of their art is much better than what used to be for their predecessors. The cosmopolitan cities of India has experienced rise of art galleries and art houses that attract art critics from all over the world and the artworks of the emerging artists get due appreciation. The number of emerging artists in India is much more as compared to olden days when a few master painters acquired the Indian art scene till 1980s. The present artists of India have to compete with artists world-wide and also a large number of counterparts in their own country.

Emerging Contemporaries of India
India has a whole lot of artists who are associated to the artistic trends of other countries. Many of them acclimatize to the upcoming Oriental and European styles. Some of the emerging contemporaries are described below-

G.R. Iranna Born in Karnataka in 1970, this artist makes use of powerful vigor which pervades the surfaces of his creations. He uses the modernist, emblematic and flawless expression of Indian contemporary art. He discards preponderant and postmodern logic.
Justin Ponmany Justin Ponmany was born in Kerala in the year 1974. Artworks by this artist mirror the approach of Darwin. He widely makes use of plastic paints, silver holograms, rich color pigments and partisan photographic-negatives. It is observed that this artist have always carried on reorganizing, creating and reinventing reality in his works.
Siraj Saxena This artist hails from Madhya Pradesh and was born in 1974. He has the potential to transform linearity into poetic ciphers. He has never allowed the absolutely unknown to show up in any of his artworks. He has earned great admiration for revealing his creative novelty in a rare style that is inculcated by him only.
Bari Kumar Having his roots in Andhra Pradesh, Bari Kumar was born in1966. His artworks have a great impact of bold colors. Also, his creations are deeply influenced by culture. Viewers can also easily make out the fray he depicts in his creations between traditional imagery related to religion and culture of today’s day and age.
Amit Ambalal Amit Ambalal was born in Ahmedabad in 1943.Works of Amit Ambalal concentrate on Nathdwara paintings of Rajasthan that have religious fragrance. He also focuses on the contemporary approach to the convention via the popular religious tradition. Apart from these two, human drama also grips a part of his artworks.
T.V. Santhosh T. V. Santosh was born in Kerala in 1948 and has a different style. He emphasizes on exploring the problems of contemporary times. He works in a style of his own. Viewers can recognize his creations but they are not foreseeable.
Emerging contemporaries of India are inspired by various styles and sources. Still, Indian Art is holding its Indianness and is unique. India has always been linked to various countries and their cultural impact is always visible on its art. But scores of new styles are also coming up on the scenario of Indian art. These styles and forms are very difficult to be categorized into a particular genre as there is prolific growth of artists struggling to exhibit their idea in a novice and extraordinary way.

This section pertains to focus on the major emerging painters in India who are soon going to be recognized as luminaries of the Indian art scenario. The budding master artists are upcoming in every part of India, and working on a wide theme. The contemporary theme of Indian paintings is not restricted to historical siting; it extends beyond boundaries to represent global ideas and themes. The paintings of emerging Indian artists represent domestic mediocrity as well as mystical ideas.

After you finish going through the details of emerging Indian artists, you will get a feel that how contemporary art is modern in its approach and yet so realistic.
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