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Won Hee Kim: New realization of herself

Reinterpreting Transfigured to the third person

About a decade ago, Won Hee Kim almost went to death from a severe traffic accident and several operations. She had been hospitalized for several months. This gave her a time to look back not only on her life, but also on her works of art. She put a question to herself of who she was in this world and of the meaning of art and our lives.

There are so many temptations, so many glories and so much abundance in this world. But most of them give us a feeling of vainness. On the other hand, we sometimes feel a certain purpose being hidden in a certain tiny thing left behind and deserted.

At the point of life and death, Won Hee Kim ruminated over the mysterious world. Ever since then, in Won Hee Kim's works have been dwelling strong faith and energy. Her faith and energy were not only stayed within the limit of her works, but also expanded to the art community in Seoul.

Organizing 'Here & Now' art group in Seoul, Won Hee Kim initiated many seminars, workshops and exhibitions to the direction and to the vision of the postmodern art, through which she could have all the artists of the group concentrated with studying, discussing and creating.

They came to know and to be influenced by many philosophers on the stream of post modernism such as Deleuze or Jean Baudrillard. Along with such inquiries, the concept of appropriation of simulacra, in Baudrillard's sense, has been introduced to Won Hee Kim's work. She appropriates many masterpieces known through the art history. Nature in the traditional sense has been superseded by the appropriation. With such appropriations, she could make herself free not only from the concept of space, but also from the concept of time. A Botticelli in the 14th century coexists with a David Hockney in the 20th century on the same pictorial space.

Sometimes the artist transfigures herself from the first person to the third person and breaks through from actuality to the space of art history and builds new simulacra. The simulacrum of Jesus Christ by Paul Gauguin in his Tahiti period and the artist herself who reads the history of art coexist on the same pictorial space as if they transcend the limits of the grammatical persons as if both are cognate in essence.

Won Hee Kim now works in Bundang, a beautiful city nearby Seoul. With reading art history and traveling around the world, she keeps her vigorous creative life.   

  • Won Hee Kim

Lives and works in South Korea
Hongik Graduate School of Education (M.F.A)

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2008 Arts Emotions Gallery (Collonges, France)
2007 Ho Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
2006 Seong Nam Arts Center (Bun dang, South Korea)
2005 Sandonato Milanese(Milano, Italy)
1999 Gallery Oofuku (Kanayama, Japan)
1997 Alchemy Gallery (London, England), etc. total 20times solo exhibitions

Art Fairs
2008 Europ'ART (Palexpo, Geneva)
2007 Artists Contemporains 2007(Palexpo, Geneva)
2007 ArtExpo New York 2007 (Javits Convention Center, New York)
2007 Asia Open Art Fair(Pusan, Sagahun City Museum, Japan)
2007 Art Market (Seong Nam Arts Center, Bun dang, South Korea)
2007 Art Malaysia (Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur)
2007 Art International Zurich (Kongresshaus, Zurich)
1998 Seoul Art Fair (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)

Selected Group Exhibitions
2006 'Text' (Seong Nam Arts Center, Bundang, South Korea)
2005 Inviting Exhibition (National Art Center. Islamabad, Pakistan)
2004 A Human Being in the Post-Modern Society (Gallery Sang, Seoul)
2003 Contemporary Art Exhibition (Canada Toronto Gallery, Toronto)
2003 Bun-dang Art Festival (Sam-sung plaza gallery, Sung-Nam)
2002 Here & Now (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul), etc. total 140 times group exhibitions

Korea National Housing Corporation (Korea), The Kuk-min R & B Security Corporation

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