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The Korea Post -JUNE 2000
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The Korea Post
 Vol.13.No.6 JUNE 2000

'An artist of strong passion bold strokes and lines' As an various other segment of society in Korea, the world of fine arts in Korea may also be classified ' dominated by man.' However, a careful observer will find a number of women artists who have securely established a niche in the art circles in Korea, e.g., Artist Chun Kyung -Ja, and there are many more who are following her suit.

 One example is Ms. Kim Weon-Hee who appears determined to cut a figure out among the lady artists in Korea. Ms. Kim is full of passion and is strongly resolved to make it. Ms. Kim is known as an artist who compares painting to peeling onion, which she says she learned from of her professors at the college of fine arts from which she graduated. " You peel and remove one skin from the onion and you still have another coming up for peeling."

 Artist Kim says " It is also like something that sinks into the ter comes up to surface again and then submerges back deep into the bottom." Ms Kim, however, hopes that she can paint with an overflowing passion and create a work that is living. " Life is full of contradictions, human souls have devastated and philosophy is beyond our reach." says Artist KiIn this situation, she wants to awaken the people to the reality where all the living and existing things are precious." I will try to and help them recover their lost souls." she emphasizes.

  She says that she wants to find solutions to the problems of life through painting, removing the clogging. Artist Kim is noted for the bold, powerful strokes and lines which she has completely at her command. Some art critics interpret this tendency of Artist Kim as reflecting her strong passion and determination of free herself from spiritual restrictions and contradictions of existence.

 Ms. Kim has been very active lately in giving solo exhibitions in London and various parts of Japan as well as in Korea. In Japan, she has given three solo exhibitions at Oo-fu-ku gallery in Ka-na-ya-ma in Gi-fu. Prefecture at the invitation of the gallery director-curator.

 She has given a total of 11 solo Exhibition at the invitation of the art galleries, which include the Kwan-hoon Art gallery, Yale Art Gallery. Su-kyoung Gallery in Seoul. She has also Participated in many group exhibitions among them one is Beijing, New York, Tokyo, Vienna, and Kyoto.
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